Message from the Board President

Andrea Wikerd

Welcome to Theatre Horizon! Now entering our 10th Anniversary Season, Theatre Horizon is a professional, award-winning theatre in Norristown that produces daring, thoughtful plays and inspiring musicals that reflect a diversity of voices. In 10 years, Theatre Horizon has grown from humble origins in a home basement to a new theatre space in Norristown. At its core, Theatre Horizon is an organization characterized by its belief in the transformative power of theatre on individuals and communities.

When I first encountered Theatre Horizon in 2010, I was amazed by the passion of the leaders, employees, artists, sponsors and patrons of the theatre. I have seen others inspired by this same passion. This passion has motivated Theatre Horizon through incredible growth in its first ten years, including the creation of innovative education programs and award-winning productions. This past year I was again awed and inspired when I was privileged to watch the showcase of the Autism Drama Program’s Playwriting & the Art of Storytelling class. It was a powerful example of why theatre matters. To see the vision and storytelling of these young adults—who struggle to engage and communicate—come to life was truly breathtaking. This was not the first time that Theatre Horizon has taken my breath away and surely will not be the last.

The 10th Anniversary Season is filled with exciting growth and opportunities for Theatre Horizon. This year we will:

We have gained recognition as a springboard for emerging talent, with performers going on to roles at the Arden Theatre, People’s Light and Theatre Company, the Wilma and Walnut Street Theatre. Critics have described our performers as “virtuouso” and “extraordinary.” Reviewing the first production in our new home, Philadelphia CityPaper declared, “Pretty Fire typifies Horizon’s brave choices.”

It may come as a surprise to many that as a CPA with no theatre pedigree, I have found myself as President of a theatre board. I must confess that even five years ago, I would not have believed it myself. However, nearly four years ago, I was drawn in by the overwhelming passion of all the people I met who were connected to Theatre Horizon. Since that time I have been evermore impressed by the work of Theatre Horizon in the community through education and art. I have been inspired by the creativity and passion of our artists, actors, instructors and leaders. It is difficult to capture in words all the positive benefits I have reaped through my work with Theatre Horizon, suffice it to say that I have received exponentially more than I have contributed. Theatre creates a connection and I feel that Theatre Horizon has woven me into the fabric that is created through its art and education.

As you join our community through education or art, I have no doubt that you will be inspired by our passion and feel yourselves wrapped in the tapestry we are weaving. I encourage you to support and participate in the exciting and important work of Theatre Horizon through giving and volunteering. I look forward to meeting you at 401 DeKalb Street or wherever else you find Theatre Horizon in and around the Norristown community.

—Andrea Wikerd, Board President and Senior Manager, Ernst & Young

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Board of Directors

Steve Heumann, Treasurer
Lee Reilly, Secretary
Matthew Decker
Susan Drexler
Joshua L. Gayl, Esq.
Hugh Simmons
Nick McCormick
Kristin Midha
Erin Reilly
Teresa Wallace

Andrea Wikerd

Diane Reilly

State Senator Daylin Leach,
17th Senatorial District

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Steve Heumann, Chair
Tom Beam
Susan Drexler
Jon Gayl
Joshua L. Gayl, Esq.
Kristin Midha

Diane Edelman, Chair
Carol Beam
David Bellwoar
Joshua L. Gayl, Esq
Steve Heumann
Sherry Kargher
Diane Reilly

Leigh Mallonee
Lizanne Wentz

Andrea Wikerd, Chair
Joshua L. Gayl, Esq.

Dr. Michael Ashburn
Pat Bello
Alan Blumenthal
Terrence J. Nolen
Amy L. Murphy
Tim Thomas

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