Theatre School

On the Horizon This Fall

Sensational Storytelling


SATURDAYS, 9AM - 11AM (4 Weeks)

Ages 5-6
Cost: $95*

Kids use imagination, costumes, props, and teamwork to create their own show! Working as an ensemble, young students read a well-known story, then create their own dramatic performance based on what they read. Students will be introduced to theatrical concepts like character, setting, plot, and performance. The class concludes with a final showcase where students perform their original creation.

Enroll Now (Sep 23 - Oct 14, 2017) Jan 6 - 27, 2018 Apr 7 - 28, 2018
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Students in Drama Club learn the basics of stagecraft, self discipline and the importance of hard work, creativity and imaginative play, listening and observation skills, and self confidence.

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*Scholarships available for Norristown residents. For more information, contact Dawn Navarro, Director of Education Outreach, at or call 610-283-2230 x704.

2017/18 Season Sponsors

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