'An Infinite Ache'
Bi Jean Ngo and Griffin Stanton-Ameisen
An Infinite Ache (2013)

An Infinite Ache

FEB 1-17, 2013

by David Schulner
Directed by Megan Nicole O'Brien
Honorary Show Producers:
  James Haskins & Michael Whistler
  David & Linda Glickstein

Every once in a great while, a new play comes along that strikes so strong a chord of understanding that you feel it deserves to become a classic...
     ——WMNR Fine Arts Radio

Hope and Charles are a pair of lonely twenty-somethings about to end a supremely uninteresting first date. But just as they prepare to say their goodbyes, the myriad possibilities of their future life together come rushing to meet them. From their first kiss to their first child, from a horrible tragedy to a second chance, this love story about a bi-racial relationship between a Jewish man and Asian woman charts the infinite directions in which two lives can travel.

The show ran approximately 90 minutes with no intermission.

'An Infinite Ache'


Bi Jean Ngo

Griffin Stanton-Ameisen

Creative Team and Production Staff

Megan Nicole O'Brien

Stage Management
Bayla Rubin

Assistant Stage Management
Sara Prince

Set Designer
Oona Curley

Lighting Designer
Dom Chacon

Costume Designer
Katherine Fritz

Prop Design
Avista Custom Theatrical Services

Sound Designer
Mark Valenzuela

Technical Director
Jay Wojnarowski

Master Electrician
Lucas Nguyen

'An Infinite Ache'
Griffin Stanton-Ameisen and Bi Jean Ngo
An Infinite Ache (2013)

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