Jamison Foreman & Jaylene Clark Owens
Photo by Matthew J Photography

APR 27—MAY 28, 2017

Directed by Malika Oyetimein

Executive Honorary Producers: Tom & Carol Beam
Associate Honorary Producer: Christina Kind
Associate Honorary Producer: Linda Lipscomb

Artistic Sponsor: Rebecca Bradbeer
Artistic Sponsor: Nancy DeLucia

Content & Length
subject to change
prior to opening night

Running Time: 90 minutes with no intermission
Content: This production contains adult language and sexual situations and is not recommended for children.

Gus is an artist. He’s just not a famous artist. So when a major art museum puts out a call for “new perspectives,” Gus—a white man—decides to seize his opportunity. He hires a black actress to present his work as her own, but as the actress gets more deeply into her role, Gus’s scheme spirals out of his control. Award-winning Philadelphia playwright James Ijames challenges assumptions about race, gender, identity and art in this seriously funny new comedy.

Learn more about WHITE in this First Look.

Featuring: Jessica Bedford*, Jaylene Clark Owens*, Justin Jain* and Jamison Foreman*. Videography by Crystalline Studios. Music by Pond5. Voice Over by Kalif Troy.

In the News

"Review: 'White,' or Is It Black?"

by Howard Shapiro | Newsworks | 5/22/17
Long before "alternative facts" became a concept the White House employs, James Ijames began writing his play WHITE, whose plot is driven by... can we just call them out-and-out lies? Ijames (pronounced EYE-ams) may not have known just how prescient he would be. His world premiere is striking a chord...
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"'WHITE' at Theatre Horizon: Racial Conflict, Art, and Laughs"

by Jim Rutter | The Philadelphia Inquirer | 5/12/17
James Ijames’ WHITE... adds to a growing body of plays tackling the issue of racial conflict in the increasingly diverse and purportedly post-racial United States of America. Like Bruce Norris’ Clybourne Park, it digs into black anger...
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"WHITE (Theatre Horizon): Representation Matters"

by Cameron Kelsall | Phindie | 5/8/17
I thought I had WHITE figured out... but thanks to skillful writing and one of the most perfectly executed red herrings I’ve ever seen, WHITE morphs into possibly the strongest theatrical statement on the commodification of black bodies since Suzan-Lori Parks’ Venus...
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"Review: ‘White’ at Theatre Horizon"

by Tim Dunleavy | DC Metro | 5/8/17
James Ijames’ audacious and hilarious new play takes on racism, sexism, and a handful of other isms. It’s a comedy, but its message is serious. It’s bold, outlandish, insightful, and as exciting a play as you’re likely to see this year... WHITE is quite a statement. Ijames fills it with twists, right up to its final moments...
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"No Such Thing as a Blank Canvas"

by Wendy Rosenfield | Broad Street Review | 5/4/17
...Ijames has created a piece in which every expectation... and stereotype gets turned inside out. Also, it’s hilarious, and not just in a jokes-that-land way (though it’s also that) but in a smart, Diana-Ross-appears-as-some-version-of-Tony-Kushner’s-Avenging-Angel way...
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"Not Playing Around: Three Local Playwrights Get Incendiary with Original New Shows"

by A.D. Amorosi | Philadelphia Weekly | 5/4/17
...Self-proclaimed ‘baby playwright’ iJames’ idea for WHITE came from a controversy at the Whitney Museum a few years ago when a white artist hired black actresses to help him create a piece of art for the museum's Biennial...
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* Member of Actors' Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers.


Production Team

Malika Oyetimein

Set Designer
Colin McIlvaine

Lighting Designer
Mike Inwood

Costume Designer
LeVonne Lindsay

Sound Design
Larry Fowler

Prop Design
Chris Haig

Stage Manager
Chelsea Sanz*

Assistant Director
Kalif Troy


Virginia Brown Martin Philadelphia Award


Charlotte Cushman Award for Outstanding Leading Actress

Jaylene Clark Owens

Independence Foundation Award for Outstanding New Play/Musical

James Ijames

Justin Jain, Jamison Foreman, and Jessica Bedford (WHITE, 2017)
Photo by Matthew J Photography

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