Students at a Theatre Horizon summer drama camp (2021)
Photography by Donte Fisher

Theatre Horizon Education Programs

Through our four pillars of programming—Summer Drama Camps, Autism Drama Program, Norristown Supplemental Theatre Education Partnerships programs, and our After School Drama Clubs—Theatre Horizon teaches theatre as a life skill. Through process-oriented, play-based theatre practices, our programs encourage three layers of engagement, developing students’ ability to understand themselves, others, and the world at large.

Children dressed as fairy tale characters line up across a stage

After School Drama Clubs

Students work as an ensemble to rehearse and perform a 30 minute scripted play! Students meet once a week, after school. They participate in theatre games, improvisation activities, and rehearsals.

Autism Drama Program

Using a variety of dramatic techniques, Theatre Horizon’s Autism Drama Program inspires imagination, communication, and interest in personal relationships for children and adults on the autism spectrum.


Norristown Supplemental Theatre Education Partnerships (NSTEP) offers ongoing free and subsidized theatre arts education programs in collaboration with community partners. 

Three children at summer drama camp. The child on the left throws her arms up in excitement.

Summer Drama Camps

Campers spend a week working as an ensemble to create an original play full of drama, comedy, suspense, and one-of-a-kind characters. Everything from the setting to the plot to the characters are created by the students.

Coming Up Next!

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