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Theatre Horizon Residency for Educational Artistic Development (THREAD)

Congratulations Dion JacksonDeej Certour 2023/24 THREAD artist!

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Deej Cert (he/him) is a Norristown-based artist with roots in Philadelphia. He specializes in fashion design as well as graphic design. He is ecstatic to have the honor of being Theatre Horizon’s first resident artist. Deej Cert has previously been seen winning awards for his art in art shows held at Norristown Area High School and is very passionate about his artistic career.

“I envision the year of residency will be filled with a myriad of opportunities as I work alongside those who make Theatre Horizon so wonderful. I believe this opportunity will lead to my growth as an artist and person, as well as opening many doors for me in the future.” – Deej Cert

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